Have you ever thought the simplest of things in your daily life could be signs of  poor health or  a result of nutritional deficiency? It’s time to discuss about symptoms that go unnoticed in our day to day lives that signal some dietary or health issues we ignore and  can wreck havoc on our health.

So, let’s dig a little deeper to know the reason behind these symptoms.

Pungent and Strong body odor

In most of the cases, body odor is caused by simple causes known to us such as poor personal hygiene practices, eating too spicy foods, too less water intake or teens undergoing puberty. But, we fail to notice the gravest reasons that could also contribute to worsening the situation. Take a closer look at these reasons.
• Body odor in women could also be the result of menopause.
• Extreme mental and physical stress could contribute to bad body odor.
• It could suggest your poor kidney and liver functioning. As a result, toxin in your body gets piled up in your body and creates bad odor.
• An overactive thyroid gland or hyperthyroidism could be the reason behind bad body odor.
• It’s time to focus on your diet—imbalance in magnesium and or zinc in your food could be causing you embarrassment.
• If you are a non-vegetarian, your low carb and high protein diet that includes fish, chicken, beef or pork should be blamed here for your pungent body odor.

pungent smell
Chronic headache

There will be hardly anyone on earth, who hasn’t had a headache that spoiled at least one of the superb plans. Though headache alone can be a serious disease, chronic headache could suggest you have one or more of the below health issues. Among many others, the common headaches can be categorized as primary and secondary headaches. Headaches can last for anytime between a few hours to few weeks depending on the type of headache. The reason behind your headache could be any of these, find out which one stands true for you.
• The most common headache, tension-type headache, is the result of muscle contractions in the head, behind eyes and neck. This is the result of stressful life at work or home.
• If you are under any kind of medication for pain, overdose of it could cause rebound headaches.
• Your poor sleeping habits or lack of sound sleep can also be the reason you wake up with a bad headache.
• Headaches can be the reason of tapering blood vessels and dehydrated body.
• Unhealthy lifestyle and untimely food consumption that lead to acidity, gastric problems and indigestion can trigger headache.

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Excessive hair fall, thinning, or breakage

If you are suffering from excessive hair loss or if your hair is losing luster even after trying out all the old wives’ tales and expensive hair care products, then it’s time you consult your doctor or give a second thought to your regular habits. Among the many, one of the most common reasons behind your thinning and brittle hair could be pollution and dandruff. Are you aware of these major reasons which trigger hair loss could actually be the symptoms of some poor health conditions? See below:

  • If you are losing hair in patches, your thyroid and or hormonal imbalance are to be blamed here.
  • If you are suffering from any of the diseases such as gout, high blood pressure, heart disease, and depression, the medication could cause hair loss.
  • Moreover, if you are under any anticoagulant (blood thinning) medication, taking birth control pills or antidepressants, you may experience excessive hair fall.
  • Your excessive hair fall could also suggest your dysfunctional pituitary gland.
  • Hair loss could also be the result of fungal infections in the scalp, lupus or late-stage syphilis.

hair fall

Loss of sexual desire

The common problem of urban life is loss of sexual desire or hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) known in medical terminology. Despite how familiar we are with this condition, most of us are unaware of the actual reason behind this. Sexual dysfunction can be the outcome of physical, psychological or unhealthy lifestyle practices.   Here are some of the reasons that indicate your poor health and lifestyle.

  • The culprit behind your low sex drive  low testosterone. This could also get accelerated by none or too much physical activity, regular alcohol consumption, fatigue, excessive stress, traumatic conditions, anxiety, depression, and smoking.
  • If you are under certain medications, chances are that you experience a low desire for sex due to the medicinal side-effects.
  • Being overweight is the outcome of leading an unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits, which in turn affects your sexual life dampening your performance and hindering desire.
  • Some of the diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, neurological diseases, coronary artery disease, and arthritis could also lead to a decreased sexual performance or lack of sexual desire.

loss of sexual desire

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Getting angry easily

Though we consider anger as an emotion that occurs when  something goes wrong and we don’t expect that to happen at that point of time, but sudden outburst at regular intervals may  convey  more than what meets our eyes. Are you finding it difficult to suppress your anger at times where you should keep your calm and behave? There are several reasons that can trigger your anger—from bodily functions to mental conditions. Some of the major reasons have been mentioned  below:

  • Get your thyroid checked if you think you are overreacting or losing your calm too often. Your overactive thyroid gland could be the reason here.
  • High or low cholesterol level, the side-effects of the treatment of it is associated with depression and anger outburst.
  • If you are experiencing recurrence of aggression and anger outbursts, it could be the result of Hypoglycaemia or lower than normal sugar level.
  • Depression, insomnia, inflamed liver, menopause, depression and frustration are linked to poor anger management and recurrent bouts of anger.
  • The reason behind your sudden anger outburst could be associated with a genetic disorder called Wilson’s disease which results in accumulating copper in brain or liver.

getting angry

Thus, simplest things or mere physical irregularities in our lives could imply some of the gravest dysfunctions in our bodies. It’s time to look closely into our regular habits and reorganize them to healthier alternatives to bypass major consequences.


  1. Maintaining good personal hygiene practices, including regular bathing, wearing clean clothes, and using antiperspirants or deodorants, can help manage body odor effectively. We should be sedentary, instead play house of hazards and complete the tasks given by the game.


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