As the entire nation adorns itself with the colors of mirth, joy, and love, take a step further and adorn your plate with the colors of nature’s best. Did you know that fruits and vegetables fall into 5 different color categories: Red, Orange & Yellow, Green, Purple & Blue, and Brown & White? These colors don’t just add a colorful streak to the foods but represent the plethora of nutrients and phytochemicals that they constitute. Adding these color-rich foods to everyday diet lifts the mood of your plate along with its nutritional values that promote good cheer and good health.

Happy Holi 2016 Diet

Happy Holi 2016 March 23 Festival of colors Infographics

So, this Holi as you splash some tints of color in the air making it smell heavenly with the vividness of festivity, do remember to give your diet the much needed splash of nutrients. Make a note to add colorful foods that not just look great on the plate but do a whole lot of good after reaching the palate.


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