Working out can be boring sometimes, but if you want to make it work like a boss, get your partner along!  And trust us, your life wouldn’t be the same thereafter! Don’t believe us? Read on and we have all your queries covered in this article.

Well, we are not full of beans when we say that working out with your significant other will make you have an interesting time between the sheets, here are the valid reasons the researchers have presented us. Here you go:

Release of happy hormones

Exercise makes you release the happy hormone, endorphins. With your partner around, you would not take a second to realize the high when it hits you hard. And yeah, couple workout makes your bonding even stronger as you share the similar fitness goals and healthy lifestyle management. Moreover, working out with your partner makes you feel accountable for what you are doing or rather not doing at gym.

happy hormones

Improvement in confidence

According to researches, exercising together boosts body confidence and makes you more desirable.  So, when you have a hotter body, you get more confidence to pep up your actions between the sheets with more ease. When you work out with your sweetheart, you enjoy every bit of it as you get to spend more time, see each other become fitter and stronger with each passing day, which eventually improves your communication. Plus, you get emotionally attuned and connect even better and as a result, you are more at peace and gain a better confidence as a partner.


Being on the same page brings you Together

Sharing similar goals and being a part of your bae’s fitness journey ensure you notice their effort to be a better version of themselves. A sculpted body comes with better energy, improved stamina, flexibility, healthy relationship and increased testosterone level that often lead to a fabulous sex life. You know you share a great bond when you try things together- be it a TRX class, a Cross Functional challenge, or a Latin dance session- you enjoy every bit of the ‘failing and growing together’ bond.

couple workout

Exercising together makes you more desirable

While the percentile is higher in case of men, women are not far behind too! According to researches, couples who worked out together at least 3-4 times a week, are more active, happier, and sexually satisfied. Having said that, couples who exercise together have experienced better orgasms and better satisfaction in bed too. What’s your thought in this!

 couple fitness

You get more time to get better

You know why you are working out, right? To get better, and when you have your partner along to share the exhausting sweat sesh, you know the fire is getting rekindled, from within. You get a chance to push your limits just to help your partner do better and eventually be more confident with your body and help your partner run that extra mile to match your standards. You get a few more hours to spend with each other, nurturing a feeling of partnership, and team work which again relieves your stressed nerves, nurture your emotional well-being, and brings you guys a little closer.

couple workout

Better health, hotter body, and steamier sex, sounds awesome to us too! If this doesn’t convince to garner some motivation to lace up your running shoes, then we don’t know what will. If you think you are doing only weight training and missing out on cardio, take a chill pill, you can always intensify this in the bed. Like, Share, comment and let us know your thoughts about this in the comments section below! We always wish you happy togetherness!


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