Your heart is not just a thing helping you relate to songs and fall in love, it’s much more than that! But do we talk about it? No, but the heart will go on… Kate Winslet relates! It’s about time you start doing the basics to keep that tiny hard-working thing happy, healthy and pumping for your life. Lucky for us, unlike the stubborn abs and biceps the heart doesn’t ask for much. Just a consistent sweat sesh and you’re good to go. Pat your heart for being such a champ !

A group of wise Backstreet boys once said “Quit playing games with my heart”, we’d like to tell you the same thing just by replacing ‘my’ with ‘your’. Read on to try these basic heart exercises that you can easily squeeze in your daily busy routine. No excuses entertained.

Run for the healthy beats

Running is the easiest thing you can do for your heart. Our urban life anyway teaches us to run to strive hard, pay bills and sometimes to run away from the responsibilities. Running for your heart won’t be that hard a task. Running is an excellent way to warm your body and keep it in shape while running with the strategized intervals will maintain your cardiovascular fitness level. To ace up the cardio, you can try doing sprints or hills with an intensity for 10 seconds and an interval of 10 seconds in between.

Running for cardio

Yoga for your heart

If you’re not into a high-intensity workout, Yoga is definitely your best option to enhance your heart health. The yoga poses like Ashtanga and Bikram have excellent cardiovascular benefits, making it an easy heart activity. It also helps to reduce the cholesterol level resulting from stress, anxiety, poor diet, etc. Yoga is definitely a win-win!

yoga for heart

Aerobic exercises, be cooler!

There’s something about Aerobic, it instantly makes you sound way cooler! But we’ll tell you what? On a basic level, it’s just running, jogging and cycling. Something that you can do early in the morning or post your work. But there’s a catch – if you can comfortably talk to someone while doing it, it means you’re doing it right or else you’re stretching it hard. If you have joint problems, you can take up low-impact aerobic exercises like swimming or brisk walking.


Stretch it out

Stretching is easy, and it comes with more than one benefits. Studies say that even simple stretching exercises show improvement in cardiovascular health. Stretching also helps to improve the body and arterial flexibility, reduce the body stiffness, lower the blood pressure and regulate the heartbeat rate. Stretching can be done by people of all age, it does not require any equipment or a need to step out.

stretching exercises

Circuit training for pumped-up cardio

Literally, any activity that involves your movement is good for your heart health. But what if you want to really dig in and challenge your cardio health? High circuit training is the best way to get your heart all pumped up. When the blood gets pumped harder, it challenges the elasticity of arterial walls, thereby stretching the arteries, maintaining it’s flexibility and improving cardiovascular health.

circuit training

Body weight training

Weight training or resistance training is beneficial even for people with heart diseases if done on a moderate intensity. It’s best to use your body weight if you’re looking to work majorly on your cardio. You can increase the intensity of your body weight workout training by changing the tempo of your movements, making it more difficult. In addition to cardiovascular health, moderate weight training also helps with building muscle mass, burning fats and strengthening the bones.

body weight training

Now when you know how to be grateful to your heart, it’s time you wear those shoes and head out for a walk or roll out that yoga mat and get started in your room. The choice is yours! Lucky for us, all these cardiovascular exercises are not just heart health related but also benefits your respiratory and muscular strength. What do you do for your heart?



  1. Thanks for your post, Sachin! These tips are easy to follow and useful. I like the “music” opening :).
    To maintain my cardiovascular fitness level, I choose to jog while wearing ankle weights, it helps me exert extra energy, which increases my respiration and heart rate. Such change in breathing and heart rhythm do amazing things for me.

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