Yoga for Naturally Glowing Skin

Get That Naturally Glowing Skin With These Yoga Asanas

How important is it to look good in today’s world? Though we might say ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’, it’s undoubtedly agreeable that having flawless, beautiful and glowing skin will only earn you more brownie points every single time. Here’s a tip to get there without all the ‘make-up’ drama! We bring you 10 […]

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Diet to reduce fatty liver

5 Foods That Help You Recover From Fatty Liver!

Did you know that the liver is the only internal organ in the body that can repair itself? And yet there are conditions from which even the liver finds it hard to recover, one such condition is the fatty liver disease. This is a condition when the fat in the liver exceeds 10% of the […]

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Forge A Body Like Jon Snow!

Jon Snow may or may not win the Game of Thrones, but with his charming smile, puppy dog eyes and down to earth demeanour, he sure has won the Game of hearts with millions of GoT fans! When he’s not busy being the ‘King in the North’, Kit Harington’s character in the epic saga is […]

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