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How Much Cardio Do You Need To Lose Weight

How Much Cardio Do You Need To Burn Calories

Most people, especially women, believe that cardio is their best shot at losing weight. Go to any gym or fitness center, you are bound to see that most people hit the treadmill or cross trainer until they drop ...

Archana Kiran - October 11, 2017
functional training banner

Experience a new level of Functional Training at F45, HSR Layout

If you are a gym goer, you might be aware of the grueling workouts that are practiced in functional training workouts; these are not only dreadful to look at, but also a little too challenging as well. Functional ...

Subhra Moitra - September 19, 2017
Healthy Eating Tips for women with PCOS

Healthy Eating Tips For Women With PCOS

PCOS. Sounds familiar? Yeah, the sole culprit adding to the agony to one of the most notorious feminine issue, menstruation. So what is this all about? PCOS, more commonly known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or ...

Archana Kiran - September 5, 2017
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EMS – The New Fitness Trend in Town!

EMS or Electro Muscular Stimulation, the new talk of the town, is something that we all want to explore! Wondering what that is? Well, we have a lot of information to share regarding this as this might be a bit ...

Subhra Moitra - August 29, 2017
can cutting down on daily products helps losing weight

Can Cutting down on Dairy Help You Lose Weight?

Losing weight is a big concern for many of us and we don’t step back to see what works and what not until we have a very strong influence behind those fad diets. Celebrities like Beyonce, Megan Fox, Victoria ...

Subhra Moitra - August 13, 2017
working out but not losing weight

This is Why You are Working out but Not Losing Weight!

The scariest nightmare in our life could be like we are going to the gym, working out but not losing half a kg of weight. Well, some of us been through this unfortunate occurring in our life. And we can understand ...

Subhra Moitra - August 10, 2017
honey for weight loss

Is Honey Better Than Sugar For Weight Loss?

Since time immemorial, this golden elixir has always been nurtured in the mind of people for being the source of immense health benefits. But, the greedy hands of civilization, marketing and advertising that are ...

Subhra Moitra - August 2, 2017
why chocolate is good for your health

6 Reasons why Chocolate is good for your Health

Chocolate lovers, give us a cheer! Wow, almost 99.99% of us love, adores, and fantasize chocolate- the only solution to half of world’s problems! But, while you were drowned in the love of chocolate, there grew ...

Subhra Moitra - August 1, 2017
eating healthy at restaurant

How To Eat Healthy In A Restaurant!

Call it a cheat day or an all besties reunion, when it comes to eating out, we cannot stop but ponder over the menu and salivate over the delectable dishes of our favourite restaurant. But, when all these are going ...

Subhra Moitra - July 31, 2017
calorie chart of indian food items

Calorie Chart of Indian Food Items

There are enough confusions about what to eat and what not to eat and on top of that most of us fall prey to the bewildering information available on internet regarding calorie count of food items. So, here it is. ...

Subhra Moitra - July 25, 2017