You know how little things matter? How small good habits can account to so much in the long run? Well, even in the case of fitness, that very much applies. You go to a gym to feel good and look good, but do you leave anything good in return, say a clean shower stall (sadly, I speak from experience), for instance? Let’s take a look at 3 very basic yet overlooked hygienic habits that should be more of a reflex action than a compulsion.

Shower at the gym? Carry your own flip flops! No matter how high the gym’s sanitation standards are, keep in mind that numerous people (whose sanitation standards may not be as high) use the shower stalls and bacteria are more likely than not to be present there. So always make it a point to carry a pair of flip flops for you to wear while showering. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

ALWAYS clean a mat or bench before AND after using it! Unclean stretching mats and exercise benches contain millions of viruses, bacteria, fungi and other germs. Any cuts or scrapes touching them will cause you serious infection; to avoid such complications, always make it habit to use a sanitized wipe or spray, which every gym provides. Don’t get too excited; your fee covers it.

DO NOT spit in the water fountain. This is as obvious as it can get; if this needs elaboration, you might as well buy yourself a copy of the 101 Basic Hygienic Habits.