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7 Health Benefits of Black Kalonji You Should Know About

The name Black Kalonji may sound like something straight out of Professor Snape’s ‘Defence Against Dark Arts’ classes but the fact is that it one of the most common spices in Indian kitchens. Rich in omega 3 fatty ...

Dibyajyoti Dasgupta - June 28, 2017

Everything You Need To Know About Alkaline Diet

A lot of us might have wanted this at some point. The dire need to lose weight! Undo the damage you did to your body over years or maybe just maintain yourself in good health and shape. Well, we are here to talk ...

Archana Kiran - June 8, 2017

All You Need To Know About The Ketogenic Diet

Wondering why is Keto Diet a trend now? Celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Tanmay Bhat, everyone has been on this miraculous diet to lose weight. Their results have been spectacular and now, it seems quite easy to ...

Ratika Mishra - April 13, 2017

Know The Key To Slay Like Victoria’s Secret Models

When we see the models with their perfectly toned bodies owning the runway with their sexy yet healthy routines we tend to be bit jealous. How can these models look so perfect and have bodies without any trace of ...

Ratika Mishra - February 2, 2017
vegetarian muscle building foods

All you want to know about vegetarian muscle-building foods

The myth goes “vegetarians don’t get enough nutrition like non-vegetarians” whereas the reality is a far cry from the truth. Well, let’s break the myth and get a little deeper into this and unveil some of the best ...

Subhra Moitra - October 17, 2016

7 Simple tricks to curb appetite naturally

Do you think your appetite has its own entity when it grumbles shamelessly anywhere, anytime? Well, you are not the only one to have fallen prey to these embarrassing circumstances, we’ve been there too! Therefore, ...

Subhra Moitra - September 28, 2016

7 Simple Daily Habits To Turn From FLAB to FAB

You might have already heard, been terrified and sprung back to your comfort shield by the long preaches the fitness gurus deliver on diet rules and fitness regimen. And eventually, it has done more harm than good ...

Subhra Moitra - July 8, 2016
5 foods that boost sexual stamina

5 Foods That Boost Sexual Stamina

Some things you don’t want to last too long – like a visit to the dentist, a visit to the dreaded in-laws and hangovers of a night well spent. But being between the sheets with your significant other is not ...

Karen Marwein - May 5, 2015