Group exercisesMan is a social animal. Whether you’re a kid, a teenager, an adult, or a senior citizen, you need your share of companionship with someone who share similar interests with you. It needs no explanation, really, but most things are just more fun and better achieved when done with someone else rather than having to do it alone. Having your nails done, or shopping for your weekly grocery, or sweating it out at the gym is always better with someone by your side chit chatting with you about what not. The time flies by but not without you having actually achieved something!

One of the prime reasons people quit working out is boredom and the main reason people never get around to going to the gym is lack of companionship. No worries; it’s okay to have the need to have a friend go with you to the gym if you are a first timer. That’s not the problem. The problem is to work around that obstacle.

If your friends aren’t too keen about working out as you do, or if you’re not staying close enough to each other to work out together every day, that’s also okay. That’s what group exercises are for! It’s time to get fit and not quit!

Get motivated: For most people, getting started on a workout program is pretty daunting. There must be a million things running through their mind while deciding where to begin and what to do. Group exercises are a great place for a novice exerciser to start, especially to gain motivation.

Watching your skilled instructor and peers working out will give you the incentive needed to keep up with the routine.

No more intimidation: Beginning an exercise program alone can be especially intimidating if you’ve never exercised regularly in your lifetime. Thankfully, attending group exercise classes can help. You will have access to an experienced instructor who can help you learn the skills needed to complete a vigorous routine.

If you struggle with particular moves, your instructor and peers can help you get back on the right track. Your confidence will soar and your intimidation will gradually diminish following each session.

Revitalised and reenergised: Have you ever had to compensate for your lack of energy by repeatedly hitting the snooze button or by drinking cup after cup of coffee? What if we say, no more of that? Group exercises are a great way to up your spirits. No matter what type of classes you take, the energy in the room will definitely catch on and the excitement is highly contagious.

Socialise: If you like to be around others, you will probably enjoy the social aspect of group exercises. These fun sessions provide you with the opportunity to meet new people and cultivate new friendships. Imagine how much fun you’ll have sharing workout tips, nutrition advice, and other tit bits of information with your workout peers.

Sticking to it: As we’ve mentioned above, most people tend to quit exercising either because they’re bored or because they are not enthused enough to stick to it. Beginning and sticking to an exercise program is crucial to your health and overall wellbeing. Group exercises helps you in that regard.spinning-class

While enjoying yourself during group workout sessions, you might forget that you’re actually exercising, and there’s fewer or no chances that you’d quit something that fun and energising.

Visit and find gyms and fitness studios in your area. Join a fitness class and reap the benefits we talked about here! If you’re in Chennai, be sure to check out these gyms on our website and compare them before making your choice: Gold’s Gym in Adyar and Pink Fitness One in Nungambakkam.

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