Affordable Gyms in Bangalore

5 Most Affordable Gyms in Bangalore That Will ‘Workout’ For You!

Do you belong to the school of thought that believes gyms are supposed to burn YOUR fat and not burn a fat hole in your pocket? Well, we hear you! While those fancy Rs.50,000 a year gym memberships may come with their own benefits, it would be false to say that only by joining an […]

June 27, 2017 725 0
Mistakes in Yoga banner

10 Mistakes You’re Making in Yoga Class Unknowingly

Raise your hand if your heart skipped a beat seeing a yoga practitioner doing a one hand stand or a perfect headstand? Some of you might wonder, how on earth people can do it! Forget about standing on one hand, we can’t even do a simple posture correct without the instructor correcting it. Well, not […]

June 27, 2017 11476 0
Oat recipes

5 Delicious Recipes You ‘Oat’ To Try!

Ask any fitness enthusiast how they begin their day and there’s a very good chance that the answer would involve oats in one capacity or another. Gluten free, loaded with fibre and packing a massive 17 grams of protein per cup (100 grams), oats have rightly earned their place in the ‘Superfood Hall of Fame’! […]

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