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Sweat 2B fit

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No.197/A, Chhabria Chambers, Double Road, CMH Road
08039510660 (Dial Extension : 0044)

Dance aerobics is a fitness workout program, performed to high energy music. This benefits heart, lungs and overall health.

Step aerobics a form of aerobics employing stepping up and down using a block.This helps in strengthening cardiovascular endurance and burns fat.

Power Yoga refers to fitness-oriented vinyasa yoga. Though its has emerged as a separate yoga but was originated and moulded from Ashtanga method.

Yoga is a practice to achieve mental, physical, or spiritual discipline. Originated in India, yoga has important perspective in different religions.

Weight loss is when body loses weight. This can involve factors like certain medicinal intake, poor health condition, lack of physical fitness etc.

Weight gain is a condition when there is an increase in body weight. This can be due to high muscle mass, increse in fats and body fluids.

Spinning is a cardio workout program using bike that has multiple tension levels. This is performed under the guidance of a certified trainer.

Pregnancy is a stage, starting from the creation of a fertilized egg in a woman's womb, developing into a fetus and finally emerging as a progeny.

Techno Shape is a fitness equipment that helps in losing stubborn fat around midriff. It also delivers benefits similar to rigorous workouts at a gym.

Group classes are designed for different groups of people with suitable exercises that can help them attain their individual fitness goals.

Certified Trainers are nationally or internationally trained experts who guide people through research-based techniques to help attain fitness goals.

Stretching is a type of physical activity which requires flexing specific muscles to increase strength, flexibility, and relieve muscle cramps.

Strengthening is derived by performing different physical activities or indulging in sports that yield muscle strength, resistance and flexibility.

Bodybuilding is a physical fitness regime involving different exercises for increasing body mass, and thus, developing one's muscular structure.

Functional training is a form of workout that delivers overall fitness including endurance,strength and flexibility;thus making body function better.

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Fully equipped Gyms, professionally qualified trainers and energetic ambience cater to the needs of those who look for the best options to workout. Choose from our wide spectrum of fitness centers that offer wonderful facilities you might be in search of.

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3.0 | Reviewed on 2015-02-14 (889 days ago) |

Pleasant atmosphere, good facilities, professional trainers and good programs... I even bring my kid here and he enjoys the programs a lot.

3.0 | Reviewed on 2015-02-14 (889 days ago) |

really good offerings... from aerobics to yoga to bodybuilding, they cover it all. I look forward to see them develop it further.

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