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Wellness Programs Designed To Reward Your Business!

Our three-dimensional wellness program rewards your business incredibly by building a stronger and healthier workforce with improved emotional and physical well-being. We help you design a holistic and comprehensive wellness program by integrating the concept of fitness & overall health to create a healthier and empowered workforce.




Amazing Benefits Of Gympik’s Corporate Wellness Program

An effective employee wellness program is the pillar behind a sustainable and successful business!

Higher Retention
High morale
Lower Absenteeism
Increased Productivity
Increased Engagement
Promotes overall wellness
Improved Efficiency
Lower Dissatisfaction
Encourage team spirit

You name it, we have it!

Customized wellness program according to your preference!

Join hands with us to give your employees a happy, productive and creative workspace! Tell us your employees’ health requirements and we will create a perfect wellness solution that fits your health needs!

On Campus Group Workouts 50+ activities
Fitness Parties
Health Assessment
Weight Loss Plans / Challenge
Mind Wellness
Nutrition / Healthy Eating
Personal trainer
Discounted Gym membership
fitness on demand dashboard