It’s not our work life, it’s our life’s work!

We are in a mission to touch lives of people by connecting them to most convenient ways of leading fit and healthy lives.

Gympik is efficiently determining the way people look at fitness and wellness. A team of young and enthusiastic people get their thinking caps on to help you achieve your best when it comes to fitness. We at Gympik, try to create a holistic approach towards health and fitness, keeping in mind, one size doesn’t fit all! The rapid expansion attests the unstoppable vigour we have to bring you closer to the wellness you deserve. We strive to make your life simpler, smarter and healthier by making you discover your inner beauty.

Our fingerprints!

The 'F' words in our vocabulary is Fitness and we know how to combine Fun with it! A bunch of ordinary people with extraordinary skills and stronger motivation are Gympik’s assets!!
  • Bold

    Research, Experiment, Apply & Repeat! Yea, shying away is a NO NO!

  • Passionate.

    We are the passionate souls who never settle for anything mediocre!

  • Creative.

    ‘Creativity with intelligence’ is something even our haters don’t dare to doubt!

The Commanders

Amaresh Ojha

Founder & CEO

Gympik is the brainchild of Amaresh, a fitness enthusiast and an IIM Bangalore alumnus. Amaresh's vision for Gympik evolved from his passion for health and fitness and its implications in modern lifestyles. With his multidisciplinary expertise and a compelling work experience with front-runners in the IT field like Sun Microsystems, CISCO and Intuit, he manages and focuses on technological decision making, innovative business strategies, collaboration and expansion. His passion and contribution fuel Gympik to revolutionize the fitness and wellness industry in India. Read more...

Karan Malik

Co-founder & COO

A strong, dynamic personality, responsible for running the operations and taking key strategic decisions at Gympik, Karan displays very strong multi-dimensional and astute decision-making ability, and exudes confidence and clarity of thought that is difficult to ignore. An alumnus of Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development (SCMHRD), Karan became an entrepreneur with a vision to bring a huge impact in the fitness industry by creating the proper ecosystem for the same. Read more...

Vidhvan Garipally

Chief Technology Officer

Vidhvan holds a Bachelor's degree from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani in Information Technology & Systems. A technology enthusiast and strategist, he was the key driving force behind the technological success of His key responsibility areas at Gympik include designing and developing product, supervising technical architecture, scaling company's technology vision by shaping long term technology direction and continuously contributing towards improving innovation. He believes in doing rather than thinking about doing. Read more...

Sandeep Das

Business Head

Being an MBA, Sandeep heads the Business Operations team of Gympik. He has earlier worked with organizations like PepsiCo, Indiabulls etc. and has spent a lot of his time in the technology based manufacturing domain. In 2013, he decided to follow his passion and ventured into the fitness space with his own fitness brand in Kolkata and later joined Gympik to explore the digital space. He spends his leisure reading books and listening to music. He believes that "All dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. Read more...

Maya Pande

Marketing Head

A Gold medallist in MBA from Symbiosis International University, Maya heads the marketing team at Gympik. She began her career with a Kantar Group company and has helped brands like Samsung, Airtel, HUL GSK,Pepsi and Nestle to build profitable brands. She has also worked with clients like Google to help brands make informed media decision by evaluating the aggregate exposure, effectiveness and efficiency of their 360-degree marketing programs. She has more than 6 years of cross functional experience in industries like E-commerce, travel, luxury lifestyle, real estate, consumer durables, HFD & FMCG. Read more...

And here meet the battalions!

Rumi Barman

Sujetha Shetty

Bina Srinivasan

Subhra Moitra

Manas Pakal

Anurag Gaur

Divya Singh

Subrahmanya Karinka

Richa Mourya

Ajith Kumar

Sandeep Kumar

Amit Kumar Singh

Saurabh Singh

Leonard Dias

Vittal Nayak

Tejas Reddy

Indresh Gautam

Karthick Sreedaran

Purav Bhandari

Manoj Lad

Tushar Trivedi

Lakshmi S

Srayansh Vivek

Shwetha Fernandes


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