Best Gyms in & near Gautam Nagar, Delhi - 15 Results

No.137/2,E block,New Delhi

Contact : 08046800092 ( Dial Extension : 2682# )

Services : Aerobics Jazzercise | Power Yoga | 14 more

Pricing : ₹1200.00

S-2, 1st and 2nd Floor,Main Market Block S,Green Park, Delhi,Near Cafe Co..

Contact : 08047091936 ( Dial Extension : 1373# )

Services : Group Classes | Functional Training | 7 more

1A,Masjid Moth,Uday Park, Siri Fort Road,Opposite Ansal Plaza, South Exte..

Contact : 08046800092 ( Dial Extension : 8985# )

Services : Certified Trainers | Group Classes | 7 more

Pricing : ₹5500.00

No.1-A, Masjit Moth, South Extension 1, New Delhi.

Contact : 08046800092 ( Dial Extension : 1841# )

Services : Step Aerobics | Dance Aerobics | 19 more

Pricing : ₹4500.00

Uday Park,August Kranti Marg, Hudco Place,South Ex Part 2,Near AAA Vehicl..

Contact : 08047091936 ( Dial Extension : 1456# )

Services : Pilates

Block F, 322/1, Masjid Moth Rd, South Extension, Block A, South Extension..

Contact : 08047091936 ( Dial Extension : 1768# )

Services : Certified Trainers | Weight Gain | 4 more

216-A/18, Niti Bagh,Doctor Arya Marg,Green Park,Near Gautam Nagar,110049

Contact : 08047091936 ( Dial Extension : 1304# )

Services : Certified Trainers | Weight Gain | 3 more

F-13, Green Park Extension, Main Market Road,Near Westend Dry Cleaners, G..

Contact : 08046800092 ( Dial Extension : 8958# )

Services : Certified Trainers | Kickboxing | 1 more

No.Y-14, Green Park Marg

Contact : 08046800092 ( Dial Extension : 2020# )

Services : Fitness Studios | Weight Loss | 8 more

Pricing : ₹2000.00

L-1, 3rd Floor

Contact : 08046800092 ( Dial Extension : 7538# )

Services : Step Aerobics | Nutritionist/Dietician | 9 more

Pricing : ₹5850.00

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1. How can Gympik help in choosing the best gyms near me in Gautam Nagar?

You can search for gyms in Gautam Nagar based on member ratings, offers, affordable prices, location, popularity, distance, facilities on Gympik. You can also book a free trial or buy a gym membership on India’s leading & largest fitness discovery platform. Gympik has most of the India’s fitness chains like Gold’s Gym, Power World Gyms, Snap Fitness, Anytime Fitness, Crossfit, etc on its fitness discovery platform.

2. What are the services available at a gym in Gautam Nagar?

A gym typically has services like free health assessments, certified personal trainers, cardio or weight training, and diet consultation (may not be available at every gym).

3. Will I get a personal trainer with my standard membership?

No, you won’t. You can avail the personal training facility at an additional cost. If you are going to a gym or planning to join a gym, you can check with the gym management if they already have personal training facility so that you can avail the trainings at an extra cost. You can also check if they have any kind of plans for personal training.

4. How much do gyms in Gautam Nagar charge as their membership fees?

There are monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual memberships available in most of the gyms in Gautam Nagar. Single session for gym workout is also available at some of the fitness centers. The prices of gym memberships differ based on amenities, facilities, location, footfalls etc. Given below is an indicative fee structure exclusive any additional facilities such as personal training, personal locker, diet consultation etc. Gyms provide discounts and offers from time to time which makes gym membership affordable and within your budget.

Type of memberships Estimated fee
Monthly Fee Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 5,000
Quarterly fee Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 15,000
Half Yearly Fee Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 18,000
Yearly Fee Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 40,000
5. What are the different kinds of fitness classes do gyms in Gautam Nagar offer?

In addition to fully equipped gym, gyms in Gautam Nagar conduct group classes where expert trainers guide the members to learn and enjoy different forms of fitness such as Zumba, Kickboxing, Sports fitness, Pilates, yoga, Animal flow workout, HIIT workout etc. If you are someone who wants to explore different kinds of fitness forms to kick away monotony, please enquire at the gym before going for trial or buying their membership.

6. What are the benefits of joining gyms in Gautam Nagar?

Going to the gym and exercising has numerous health benefits such as weight loss, toning the body, increasing flexibility, improving cardiac health, joint health, strength and stamina.

7. How often should you exercise at the gym?

People who want to make fitness a lifestyle choice to get better results, be it muscle gain, weight loss, weight gain, improved stamina or flexibility, should exercise for at least 30 minutes 4-5 days a week.

8. Which are the best gyms for ladies in Gautam Nagar?

Fitness should be accessible to the mass, regardless of age and gender. And hence, Gautam Nagar has a huge number of women only fitness centres that cater to different types of fitness options such as crossfit, zumba, martial arts, sports fit, kickboxing, yoga, pilates, HIIT, strength and conditioning, and more!

9. What should you do in the gym to lose weight?

There are a number of exercises for weight loss. But if you are just a beginner, don’t overstress on losing weight, rather focus on being consistent and enjoy your workout time by slowly increasing it to 5 minutes everyday. Things you can do to lose weight include walking, sprinting, jogging, cycling, HIIT workouts, crossfit workouts, weight training, yoga, etc. The options are many, but being consistent with your workout, being mindful about eating habits, controlling the portion size will give you the best results.

10. What are the basic things that one should know before joining a gym?

There are a few things that you need to know before joining gym including the kind of workout that can work for you, your fitness goal, your timings etc. But here are a few things you might like to know: