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Als Social Dance Bandra West, Mumbai

St. Peters Kindergarten, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai
08047091936 (Dial Extension : 0769)
About Als Social Dance
Come experience the fun and joy of learning Social Dancing. We teach couple dance forms such as the Jive, Waltz, Chacha, Rumba which are danced at weddings and other social events - We start off with the #MacJive which is simple and easy to learn! Principal instructor Alvito Cabral personally conducts the classes and has 10 years of dancing. His forte is to teach in an extremely methodical systematic manner with a detailed breakdown of everything.

Activities at AlsSocialDance:

1. Jive

A variation of swing & rock n roll, this dance was first introduced in Europe by Americans during WWII. It's style is fun, peppy and involves quick feet with spins and twirls for the lady!

2. Waltz

The elegant Waltz is very popular at Weddings as it is usually selected as the first dance of the newly married couple.

3. Chacha

The Cha Cha is a flirtatious dance, and is popularly danced in Ballroom circles. It's one of the most popular Latin dances today.

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