You wake up in the morning, stand in front of the mirror and lift your shirt up (if you wore one to sleep) and see that the belly is acting stubborn and showing no signs of going flat. What have you been doing wrong? OR have you been doing anything at all just secretly hoping that big, drooping bulge disappeared overnight?

Fat Loss is no rocket science. If you asked many self-proclaimed six-pack coaches they would bombard you with tips that will only confuse you more. They will know how their body works but don’t know that the physiologies of people differ from one another

So, having worked with many clients with different lifestyles, health histories and body compositions over the years, here’s what I have figured are the top 5 things you ought to be doing to make sure you lose fat and keep losing them till they disappear from the stubborn areas

1. Hit Those Weights In The Gym

Houston, we have a problem! People still think that doing weight training makes them ‘bulky’. And half of them don’t know what they mean when they say ‘bulky’. Weight training is a sure shot way to boost your metabolism not just in-session but for hours post session. Your liver enzymes and hormones line up beautifully to make sure you keep burning fat  for energy which again depends on what kind of diet you follow and how much time you are in bed with no technology around. You will have a healthy liver which translates to an immune system that always has your back which is a prerequisite for continued fat loss.

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2. Cycle the Macros

If you have been given a diet plan that you treat like a religious text and you have it hanging on your bedroom wall then you will lose fat alright… for a brief period then hit a plateau.  Just imagine, you keep doing the same thing over and over and it becomes a humdrum affair. Similarly, the glands in your system get used to your mundane diet and they down-regulate the hormones which would otherwise help in mobilizing fat to be burnt for energy. If you aren’t cycling your macros especially the carbohydrates (Carb Cycling) then you will hit a plateau. Cycling the Carbs means that you will have days wherein the carbohydrate intake is not more than say 100g and then there is a day or two a week in which you feed your body plenty of carbs (called the re-feed day/s), say 500g, so your fat burning hormones rise from their slumber and get working on stored fat.  The protein and fat are pretty much standard intake and remain the same through the week whilst maintaining calorie deficit through carb cycling.

This isn’t the only way. There are multiple dieting protocols out there but all of them have one thing in common- they make you go through a calorie deficit. If they don’t then your exercise intensity increases by the week putting you in a calorie deficit.

3. Sleep Like A Baby

There are people who say- ‘I train regularly and follow a disciplined diet but don’t seem to be making any progress’. Well, Sir, you still aren’t doing your 100% to work towards your goals. When you make sure to rest well at night and we are talking about uninterrupted 6 to 7 hours of sleep, then your strongest fat burning hormone, GH (Growth hormone) kicks in and does the magic for you. If you are in love with your electronics during this time that hormone will eventually see a decline despite the high intensity you maintain in the gym and your magic diet. Get to bed, early will you?

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4. Just Enough Cardio- Not More Not Less

‘I do morning walks with my group and I am good with that’. Excuse me maám, that’s called socialising and not a good way to go about it as you are breathing in pollution while your body is going- ‘when the heck is the exercise happening????’ Then there are others who only run, walk, run, walk. I mean, come on, even young Jenny Curran knew that Forrest Gump needed to run and come out of his braces despite what the idiot doctors had advised. And, Forrest Gump wasn’t even fat. If you are looking to lose fat and not burn muscle then overdoing cardio isn’t your best bet. Focus on High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to maximise the effect in limited time.

5. Get Your Vitamins And Minerals In

Here we are. The most neglected part of nutrition- the micro-nutrients. We only think about the major players in the game that we tend to forget the contributions of the smaller elements. It is understandable that it isn’t easy to track the intake of vitamins and minerals and hence supplementation for the ones that you are deficient is alright even if you are someone who doesn’t believe in supplementation. Talk to a qualified nutritionist first before you are off to a shop and order any vitamin just because you read this now or someone told you to pop multivitamin pills.  Never ever listen to a ‘General Trainer’ or a friend in a gym when it comes to supplementation.

Now, before you go on with your fancy diet or exercise plan make sure you get first into the lifestyle. Get moving, start making healthy food choices and start to go to bed early. Once you have gotten into the habit then start implementing the above five points and you will see wonders in as less time as 4 weeks. 

Disclaimer: This post was written by our guest contributor. The content herein is owned by the blogger. Gympik is not responsible for any kind of infringement caused.

Keerthan Naik is an ACSM Certified Coach and a Certified Functional Fitness Coach based out of Mumbai. He specializes in Strength Training, Functional Fitness and Pre-hab. For the last 5 years he has been transforming people’s lives through his holistic and flexible online transformation programs through the brand name of KNF- Keerthan Naik Fitness (



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