Personal Training

Here’s why Private Personal Training is the Best investment

If you are one of those who believe health is the key to a beautiful mind, then you would genuinely believe that exercise is the only way to achieve good health and private personal training is the way to achieve if ...

Subhra Moitra - May 10, 2017
Get effective personal training session

Here’s how to have an effective personal training session

Have you undertaken personal training but can’t see results? Do you feel that personal training is no good? If the answer to any of the question is ‘Yes’, then you need to recheck, rework and re-frame your facts! ...

Amaresh - April 11, 2017
personal trainer: top 10 reasons, why you need a personal trainer

10 Reasons Why You need a Personal Trainer

We all need a little help with exercise sometimes, whether we’re just starting out or we’ve been at it for a long time. Still, there are people who shy away from personal training, unsure of what they’ll get out of ...

Subhra Moitra - March 21, 2017

The Complete Guide To Find The Right Personal Trainer

Sticking up to a fitness routine is a tough and tiring task. Sometimes you don’t have the right amount of motivation while the other times you don’t know what works for your body. Moreover, we are the believer of ...

Amaresh - March 8, 2017
personal trainer training

The Top 7 Best Personal Trainer Certifications

Let’s face it! The only thing that sets you apart from other trainers other than your experience is your certification. There are numerous choices in the market to opt for when it comes to choosing personal trainer ...

Subhra Moitra - November 4, 2016

Fitness Trainer: What To Look For In A Good Trainer?

Have you been looking for a trainer who can assist you with the right set of exercises, help you overcome your limitations and usher you to good health and fitness? But, the hardest part of this is to find the right ...

Subhra Moitra - September 29, 2016

Busting Personal Training Myths Once And For All

With fitness consciousness kicking in nationwide, more and more people are starting to realize how fitness is no longer a luxury like it once was, but rather a need to combat lifestyle diseases. They are ready to ...

Karen Marwein - September 6, 2016

How Gympik Personal Training Services Works

“Fitness should be an essential part of our life,” this we have heard from different sources already, got thrashed out by many for not following any fitness routine and felt extremely low for not having that ...

Subhra Moitra - July 20, 2016