If you want to sculpt your biceps and forearms, you should definitely include Hammer Curls in your workout routine. A favourite with many bodybuilders, the hammer curl is named so because of the way you grab the dumbbells. Today, with the help of the fitness instructors at Power World Gyms, let’s have a look at the correct way of performing the Hammer Curl workout.

Why Hammer Curl?

The biceps muscle group is made up of three important muscles – the biceps, the brachialis and the brachioradialis. The Hammer Curl helps you target all the three muscles more effectively than any other curl variation giving you additional strength and size. Besides dumbbells, you can also use the cable machine to perform the hammer curls.

Importance of Posture

While hammer curl is a great way to boost your strength and size, the fact is that most beginners get it wrong. Some of the common mistakes include not gripping the dumbbells properly, swaying while performing the reps or performing the reps too quickly. These mistakes often do not allow gym-goers to reap the full benefits of the workout. Worse still, they may even end up injuring themselves. In the video below, a Power World Gyms – Delhi NCR instructor demonstrates the most common mistakes people make as well as the correct form.

Correct Way to Do Hammer Curl

Step 1: Stand straight with your legs at shoulder width.

Step 2: Hold the dumbbells in each hand. The palms should be facing your torso.

Step 3: Hold your upper arm stationary. Curl the weight forward and exhale while contracting bicep.

Step 4: After a brief pause and slowly lower the dumbbell to the starting position.

Step 5: Repeat


Hammer curls or for that matter any workout, when done without a proper posture can, at best be an absolute waste of your gym time or at worst, the cause of an injury. If you are a beginner, always ask for assistance. Some of the gyms like Power World Gyms even have a special ‘Help Me’ badges which help their master trainers help the beginners get the form correct. It is a welcome step by this international gym chain and we really hope more gyms would step up to the needs of a first-time gym goer.

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