Do you know that your health starts from your mouth? Yes! Your teeth need to be on the priority list for sure. Brushing on a daily basis with a toothpaste that has fluoride is really important as well as flossing is a must for a healthy smile. However, everybody knows this but only few people know that the nutrition side also leaves an effect of the health of your teeth. Now the question that comes in mind is which nutrients are important? Well, you can have nutrients from all the groups for the promotion of healthy gums and teeth but the quantity of course should be balanced. It is not you keep one things again and again. Overuse of everything is dangerous for human health so stay neutral. Here are some of the things given below that will give you an idea about the oral health.

  • The food which is rich in calcium like low fat milk, cheese or yogurt, almonds, green vegetables etc
  • You need to have phosphorus and it is available in eggs, meat, nuts and also in lean meat.
  • The vitamin C is found to be essential for the health of gums so you must have plenty of fruits that contain vitamin C like oranges, lemon.

Okay! Now let’s get into some of the specific things to know how much those things are good for your teeth and oral health. Here are some of the enlisted things that might be helpful for having a healthy smile which has been suggested by the experts of Subiaco Dental Practice wembley:

You have a reason to eat “Cheese”

If you are the one who love to eat cheese then you must know that there is one more reason because of which cheese is not going to be out of your diet list. A study has shown that when an individual have some cheese it basically increase the PH level in the mouth that in return lowers the level of tooth decay. When you chew the cheese it also increase the saliva in mouth moreover the protein and calcium in the cheese helps in strengthening the enamel of the tooth.

Have some Yogurt

Similar to cheese yogurt also has a high level of protein and calcium that makes it a very good diet choice. There are some bacteria found in yogurt that not only beneficial for the health of the teeth but for the gums as well. You all know that healthy gums leads to healthier teeth. What actually happens is the bacteria in the yogurt that is actually good bacteria crowd out the bad one that becomes the cause of cavities. What else do you need? You have natural ingredients to save yourself from cavities.


Leafy Greens are for your teeth

Most of the people do not have much knowledge about the benefits of green vegetables when it comes to teeth health. Yeah! Leafy vegetables are really good for your health. These vegetables are full of vitamins as well as minerals on the other hand they are low in calories so you can have plenty of them. Now you would be thinking about which one I should have in my diet plan? The top most used vegetable is the spinach rich with healthiness. You can have it as it is going to burst out calcium for your teeth and iron for strength. 

green vegetables

Your Teeth Loves Apples

Now it is time to come towards the fruits. Apples are found to be really very good for your teeth you must be thinking how as it is sweet and sweet things are not good. You need to clear this thing that natural sweetness is not always bad. When you eat an apple you are actually having a bunch of fiber and water and the way you eat and apple increases saliva in your mouth. It helps in rinsing away all the food particles and bacteria from your mouth. Moreover, as it has been told that the apple contains fiber so the fibrous texture also helps in stimulation of gums.


Time For Some Almonds

What actually happen is you cannot eat or drink only one thing to get a specific nutrient for your body. A variety of things are required so to help with it you also need to go toward the dry fruit side. They are also a good source of protein and calcium that is found to be the basic need of your teeth. You can have almonds anytime you feel like or can add it in salad. It is up to you how you going to have it. Your diet can bring up a lot of difference in your when it is about having a healthy smile. What are you waiting for? Just get up and do take care of your health. Adopt a healthy lifestyle. 


A casual hippie at heart, Sachin Pandey is an aspiring wanderer, occasional poet, and collector of quotes. Born with a love for feline and a wit for humor, he fancies all things vintage!


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