Diet and Nutrition

Everything You Need To Know About Juices

Everything You Need To Know About Juices

To juice or to fruit? While famous nutritionists and doctors recommend eating whole fruits instead of juicing them, there are certain situations that might require including fresh fruit juices as part of a healthy ...

Archana Kiran - November 6, 2017
10 protein rich food

10 Naturally High Protein Food You Should Include In Your Diet!

Whether or not you are into fitness, chances are you are already aware of how incredibly important protein is to your body.  One of the macronutrients, not only does protein play a key role in keeping the human body ...

Dibyajyoti Dasgupta - November 6, 2017
5 Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes You’d Love To Spoil Yourself With

5 Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes You’d Love To Spoil Yourself With

Ever heard people say, ‘it just has milk or cheese. It’s completely vegetarian’ when you say you’re following a vegan diet? The term, Vegan, is generally confused with vegetarian and people mostly tend to miss this ...

Archana Kiran - October 31, 2017
9 Easy and Healthy Dinner Ideas To Save You The Pain On Weekdays!

9 Easy and Healthy Dinner Ideas To Rescue You On Weekdays!

Weekdays after work be like, “Who’s gonna cook now? Let’s just order!” Not that we are against it, but then eating from outside every other day can screw your health and can take a toll on your digestion as well! ...

Archana Kiran - October 25, 2017
Apple Cider Vinegar

7 Amazing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar That Will Blow Your Mind

Apple Cider Vinegar, the magic potion that everybody has been talking about, has won many hearts by its amazing properties to cure innumerable complications, be it related to weight loss or illuminating your skin. ...

Archana Kiran - October 4, 2017
How to avoid craving for desserts

How to Stop Craving For Desserts?

We may never know what came first, the chicken or the egg but we definitely know what comes after a plate full of chicken biryani – Gulab Jamun (or Ice-cream Sundae as you prefer). Admit it, after a heavy and ...

Dibyajyoti Dasgupta - September 28, 2017
Healthy Eating Tips for women with PCOS

Healthy Eating Tips For Women With PCOS

PCOS. Sounds familiar? Yeah, the sole culprit adding to the agony to one of the most notorious feminine issue, menstruation. So what is this all about? PCOS, more commonly known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or ...

Archana Kiran - September 5, 2017
5 incredibly delicious yet healthy comfort foods to cheer you up

5 Incredibly Delicious Yet Healthy Comfort Foods To Cheer You Up

Feeling sad, low, lonely, hurt or just a sudden urge, comfort foods are said to be very comforting. Studies have shown that these foods activates your brain’s reward system, attributed strongly with an uplift in ...

Archana Kiran - September 1, 2017
Is Coffee good or bad-banner

The Good, Bad and the Worse – Know your Coffee!

What’s your favorite pick—black coffee without sugar or coffee mocha? Coffee lovers, give us a cheer….only we can understand the unconditional love when the lips touch the heavenly elixir. Coffee has been accused of ...

Subhra Moitra - August 28, 2017
Are Diet Sodas really Threat to your Waistline?

Are Diet Sodas really Threat to your Waistline?

Have you been religiously following the ads that say drinking certain beverages could actually boost your cool quotient and make you a stud? Well, if your answer is yes or no (‘coz you might be drinking them just ...

Subhra Moitra - August 21, 2017