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Everything You Need to know About Foods that Boost Your Sex Drive!

Diet and Nutrition, Wellness - Subhra Moitra - December 29, 2016

It’s not always what you do, sometimes your performance between the sheets, is ensured by what you eat too! You heard that right! Poor eating habits could diminish your otherwise what could be an amazing experience, whereas healthy eating habits could prove to be the most effective options if you…

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How Endurance Workout can help you Last Longer in Bed

Wellness, Workout - Subhra Moitra - December 20, 2016

Picturize this: You left no stone unturned to make your D day look a near perfect affair! You are all prepped up with a bunch of long-stem red roses and a bottle of champagne for a romantic candlelight dinner, then escort her to the all decked up room to make…

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green tea

4 Green tea side effects that you should know

Diet and Nutrition, Lifestyle, Wellness - Ratika Mishra - December 16, 2016

Green Tea, the miraculous health drink which everyone talks about has its share of positive and negative effects. As they say “You don’t have to be productive all the time”, Green tea is also not productive for everyone. But is it productive for you or not? We will help you…

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10 Best Healthy Foods on a budget

Diet and Nutrition - Subhra Moitra - November 17, 2016

When it comes to health, we trust on popping some expensive pills that guarantee (not really!) good health and immunity. Rather than going the artificial way, we found out something better for you! Diet expert and Nutritionist of Gympik, Sujetha Shetty says, ” The best way to escape the trap is…

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Why should you be talking about high protein diet

Diet and Nutrition, Weight Loss - Subhra Moitra - November 14, 2016

The trend of following high protein diet for weight loss has taken the world by storm. But, before we choose to recommend this high protein diet, we would like to discuss the effectiveness of this diet and leave it on you to take the right decision, whether it is for…

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stop diabetes with foods

16 best and worst foods for Diabetes

Diet and Nutrition, Lifestyle - Subhra Moitra - November 7, 2016

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in India and it is casued due to problems with the hormone insulin. While there is no single cure for diabetes, it can be managed by making some lifestyle changes to stay healthy. While exercising and keeping weight under control is the…

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colorful vegetable sandwiches

Easy and healthy sandwich recipes

Diet and Nutrition, Recipes - Subhra Moitra - November 2, 2016

When we talk about healthy foods, somewhere deep down we get a little skeptical about the taste. So, let’s give our very familiar sandwiches a healthy twist! And, let me assure you that they will taste yummy too! Now revamp your grocery list and get ready to prepare these delicious…

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healthy indian sweet recipes for diwali

Healthy Indian sweet recipes to try this Diwali

Recipes - Subhra Moitra - October 28, 2016

Diwali is right around the corner and we know you can’t wait to indulge in the festive food treats especially the mithais (sweets). Well, we are excited too to indulge in the sweetness of Diwali! So, we came up with some awesome healthy Indian sweet recipes to try this Diwali…

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tray of high calorie junk foods

Calorie count of your favorite Junk foods

Diet and Nutrition, Lifestyle - Subhra Moitra - October 20, 2016

Our hectic schedule has left us bewildered while choosing the right food for our body and somehow compelled us to grab whatever comes handy, i.e. junk foods. So, fast foods have gained huge popularity for being tasty and easily available. These are less filling and gives an idea of consuming…

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sugar intake in tea

Simple ways to control your sugar intake

Diet and Nutrition, Lifestyle - Mothi Venkatesh - October 19, 2016

You might not have a sweet-tooth but that doesn’t mean that your daily diet doesn’t contain sugar. One of the most common reasons is that sugar comes in various forms; by and large all that we consume on a daily basis has some amount of sugar content in them. Even…

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