Every single day, thousands of people around the world are bitten by the fitness bug. So what is the next step once you have made up your mind to pursue your fitness goals? The obvious answer is to enrol yourself into a gym. But when it comes to choosing the right gym, it’s always suggested that you do a bit of research. Some of the most common things you should look for in a gym includes the location, crowd, amenities, trainers, equipment, size and the overall vibe.

But where should you start? Well, don’t worry! We have you covered and today we’re about to have a look at one of the hippest workout places in Banaswadi – Fit Squad! Established in 2017 by fitness enthusiasts Brunda, Sandeep and Mahaveer, when it comes to fitness centres the Fit Squad is in a league of its own.

Why Join The Fit Squad?

Spread over three floors measuring a whopping 9,000 sq.ft floor area, the first thing you notice when you walk into Fit Squad is the absolutely massive floor area. Spacious and airy, positive vibes galore right from the moment you step inside. But this huge floor area is just one jewel in the crown for this premium fitness centre. The main reason which makes Fit Squad an absolute hit with all the serious gym goers is the collection of over 60 top-of-the-line equipment from Jerai – the same fitness equipment company which was recently acquired by Bollywood star Salman Khan!

But the equipment is just a means to an end – the end here in question being your fitness goal. The true architects of your journey are the fitness trainers and that’s another aspect in which Fit Squad leads the way. Boasting of acclaimed trainers and nutrition experts like Emad Gani, former Mr Bangalore who holds certifications in ACE, ACSM, ISSA, CPR & FIRST AID, there’s no way you can avoid being inspired. In fact, all the master trainers have at least 2 years of experience in transforming people’s lives. If you were to enrol in Fit Squad, rest assured that the trainers here will push you to your very limits and motivate you to fit fitness into your routine until you achieve your goal!

The flagship programme offered by Fit Squad is their 90 Days Transformation Program that promises to turn your life around in 3 months flat. In this program, apart from one of the most intense yet effective training regimes, you will also be provided premium supplements as well as a custom made diet plan by the Fit Squad team.

If all this wasn’t enticing enough, wait till you attend their monthly boot camps. Fit Squad also offers a plethora of group workout options including MMA, TRX, Kickboxing, Cross Functional training, Yoga, Zumba, Bollywood dance fitness and much more! Apart from all the workout options, Fit Squad also has a fully equipped steam room and one can also opt for physiotherapy sessions. Given the vast range of offerings and absolutely premium quality services, one might be tempted to believe that the price tag will be equally expensive, however, when it comes to Fit Squad, the price is surprisingly pocket-friendly considering the benefits. In fact, if you buy a 1-year membership right now on Gympik, you can save a whopping Rs 9,334! So you get a 1-year full-time package for Rs 14,666 only! In fact, check out this link to explore more and get the best deal!

Meet The Masterminds

Running a fitness centre isn’t easy, but running a three-story behemoth like Fit Squad requires dedication and commitment not many can display. This is exactly why Brunda, Sandeep and Mahaveer are the perfect people for the job! United by a common love for fitness and fiercely passionate towards a shared goal of bringing the fitness revolution to Banaswadi, the trio set up Fit Squad in the year 2017. In fact, right from choosing the equipment to selecting the trainers and planning the various workout schedule, all the partners are closely involved in the day to day functioning of Fit Squad. It’s no wonder then that the Fit Squad’s reputation has grown far and wide in such a short span of time. But don’t just take our word for it, feel free to drop in and check out this fab fitness centre for yourself! So what are you waiting for, soldier? Fit Squad awaits you! Till then, stay fit & stay healthy!

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